TRAPEZ.Companies: Tools

In TRAPEZ.Companies, a toolbox was developed with and for companies, with which they can inform their employees about their pension (e.g., access, entitlements) as well as possible effects and mitigating measures in the event of interruptions in employment such as parental- or care leave/part-time. TRAPEZ.Companies was implemented by ABZ*AUSTRIA (Marion Koidl and Bettina Sturm), together with the project partners.


The toolbox offers easy-to-use, practical information materials (toolbox Basic) and handouts (toolbox Specific) that can be integrated into company processes. You can download the toolbox (in German) here: TRAPEZ Toolbox Gesamt (ZIP). Further, you can also download individual modules of the TRAPEZ toolbox that support current concerns in your company. For more information, visit the German page, TRAPEZ.Betriebe.

How can companies support their employees in securing pension entitlements?

Pension levels reflect one's own employment and income history; hence, decisions made during one's working life have an impact on one's later pension. Information and awareness-raising, as well as possible support during working life, especially in phases when working hours or income change, can therefore help to secure pensions, in particular for female employees.

With the toolbox, information and tips are easily accessible and compactly provided for companies, management, HR managers, works councils and employees. In this way, awareness of and knowledge about one's own pension, access to the old-age security system and its importance can be increased and anchored in the company culture. Particularly in phases in which working hours and income change, a contribution can thus be made at the interface between biographical/individual and company/structural factors to improve access and entitlement to old-age security, especially for women.