TRAPEZ.Forecast: Evaluation

Since 2015, "advance pension account notifications" are sent out annually to persons close to retirement, i.e., who will reach statutory pension age within the next five years. This letter provides information on the expected amount of pension for the various possible reference dates on which the pension can be taken. Thus, it complements the information related to the pension account and the pension account calculator.

In TRAPEZ.Forecast, an evaluation and extension of the already existing advance pension account notifications to cohorts close to retirement was carried out. The aim of the evaluation was to gain insights into whether and what information of this is perceived by the addressed persons and whether this results in actions/measures taken by the insured to improve their own pension.

The evaluation was implemented by SORA, on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs, and shows that the projection notice is perceived as a helpful tool for one's own pension planning. Further possibilities for improvement are also described.

More information in German visit the final report of the Evaluation of the advance pension account notifications by Blum (2021), the retirement account calculator and reports and studies on the pension system (by the Ministry of Social Affairs); you can also visit the German page TRAPEZ.Vorschau.