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To strengthen information and awareness raising in the general public, among employed women and companies, as well as among other stakeholders, public relations measures were set in TRAPEZ.Public. Thus, in this subproject, you can find the developed informational videos, the recording of the final (online) conference and further publications as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

English publications:

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How much pension will I receive?

You can view your current status and a preliminary pension calculation in your pension account. There is also a pension calculator on the website for the new social security pension account.

How can I view my pension account?

The personal pension account can be viewed online at any time. On the website, you will find the access options to the pension account via 'Finanzonline' or 'Bürgersignatur'. After logging in, you can also set the "subscription option" in the pension account, which will automatically inform you annually about the status of your pension account.

How many months of contributions do I need for an old-age pension?

In general, at least 180 insurance months are required for an old-age pension, of which at least 84 months must be from gainful employment. Certain periods (e.g., care of relatives) are considered equivalent to periods of employment. For more information in German, see the website of the Pension Insurance Institution: Old-age pension.

Can I continue to work after retirement age?

Yes, you can continue to work after the statutory retirement age. If you want to take your pension, you must apply for it and terminate your employment relationship. However, you are then allowed to earn additional income to your pension. You can also postpone retirement, i.e. continue to work. Your (postponed) pension will then be calculated with a special bonus and thus be higher. For more information in German, see the website of the Pension Insurance Institution: Gainful employment.

How does voluntary pension splitting work?

Parents can apply for voluntary pension splitting until the 10th birthday of their youngest child. In this process, partial credits (contributions) from the first seven years of the child's life can be split between the parents. The parent who is predominately employed transfers a maximum of half of her or his contributions from gainful employment to the pension account of the other parent who has been predominantly responsible for raising the child. The application must be submitted jointly by both parents to the respective pension insurance institution. Once splitting has been carried out, it cannot be reversed. Details and application forms in German can be found online on the website of the Pension Insurance Institution: Pension Splitting.

What are the requirements for care leave and care leave allowance and how can I apply for them?

(Part-time) care leave must be agreed with the employer. Since January 1, 2020, there has been a legal entitlement for four weeks. During caregiver leave, you can apply for caregiver leave benefits. You can find all the relevant information in German at the Social Ministry Service: Pflegekarenz und -teilzeit.

How does pension insurance for family caregivers work?

While you are receiving caregiver leave benefits, you are automatically covered by pension insurance. If you have to reduce your gainful employment for a longer period or give it up completely due to caregiving, you can apply for voluntary self-insurance or voluntary continued insurance for caregiving relatives. For more information in German, visit the Pension Insurance for Family Caregivers website online.

How does the supplementary insurance in the statutory pension insurance work?

With voluntary supplementary/higher insurance (Höherversicherung), you can pay additional contributions into your pension account. This increases your pension. You can find the details in German in the Pension Insurance folder on higher insurance (PDF).

What are child-raising periods?

Child-raising periods are automatically credited for 48 months from the birth of a child (60 in the case of multiples) to the account of the parent who mainly cares for the child (linked to maternity leave and childcare allowance). If you are also gainfully employed during this period, the contribution bases are added together, which increases your pension accordingly. If another child is born within the 48 months, the imputation ends for the first child and starts again for the youngest child. Further information on child-raising periods as well as on a possible splitting of these periods between the parents can be found online in the German website of the Ministry of Social Affairs: Crediting of child-raising periods and pension splitting

How does the equalization supplement work?

The equalization supplement (Ausgleichszulage) is a so-called means-tested benefit that is intended to compensate for particularly low pensions. A reference rate is set for this purpose – if the total income is below this reference rate, you receive the equalization supplement. An application for a pension is automatically also an application for the equalization supplement. If you live with your partner in a joint household, the guideline rate for couples applies, and the incomes of both partners are taken into account. Read more on this topic on the German website of the Ministry of Social Affairs: Ausgleichszulage und Pensionsbonus.

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